TCA Peel


What is a TCA peel?

  • Is a medium depth chemical peel performed using TRICLOROACETIC ACID
  • It’s a safe and noninvasive procedure, performed in the rooms by me (Dr) only
  • It leads to desquamation or shedding of the skin about 3 days after application that can go on for up to 7 days
  • There is a bearable level of discomfort during application that disappears after the peel is neutralized
  • Immediately after the peel the skin looks red with some areas appearing almost whitish (frosting)
  • The days following the peel the skin starts feeling dry and tight and appearing somewhat darker than usual
  • From about day 3 for most patients the skin starting peeling off with loose skin visible
  • Patients wanting to have a TCA peel done will have to be seen and assessed by the doctor before time, some might even require pre peel skin preparations that will be prescribed

Post peel care

  • All patients are encouraged to use gentle skin care products
  • They are to avoid sun exposure at all cost and use broad spectrum sunscreens
  • They are to hydrate/moisturize their skins often as it will feel dry, moisturizing often also helps to mask the  loose peeling skin to be more visible

Who often gets this peel?

  • Patients with acne and acne scarring
  • Patients who want to just rejuvenate their skins
  • Patients with signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Also patients with keratosis, especially as result of sun damage
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